John Reynoso
Founder & Writer (Health)

John is the founder of Digi Health Guru. With an aim to revolutionize the journalistic standards of health content, he brought together a reliable team that works collaboratively. He holds mastery in crafting intelligent content for general health news.

Maria Mills
Writer (Fitness)

After being a professional journalist for 5 years and understanding the ups and downs of health care sector all over the world, Maria shifted her focus to the digital world. Today, she works as a contributor for Digi Health Guru with a knack for covering fitness news in the best possible format.

Terrence Phillips
Writer (Medicine)

A part-time pharmacist by profession, Terrence studied various advances of medicine for years. He also showed keen interest in reporting and understanding the new improvements in medicine technology. He keeps an eye on the news pieces for quality while jotting down some of the most interesting news from medicine sector.

Andre Lowe
Writer (Nutrition)

Andre is a part-time nutritionist and full-time news contributor working for Digi Health Guru. His news pieces are mostly from the nutrition sector with all the facts and figures in perfect check.